Dental implants bring tooth replacement functionality, durability to new heights in Chandler, AZ.

The “standard” in tooth replacement used to be dental bridges, removable partials, and complete or full removable dentures. Dental implants have elevated the standard of care. And we at Aquila Dental in Chandler, AZ not only offer this sophisticated form of tooth replacement, but Dr. Richard Higgs has invested in the latest diagnostic technologies to support successful, precision, predictable, and comfortable treatment.

Implants – for a complete smile

Healthy, natural teeth are held in place with tooth roots. Once the tooth is lost, the root is no longer present to hold new teeth in place. So, traditional forms of replacement teeth must rely on other teeth or specialized products to support them. Bridges get their support from surrounding teeth. The neighboring “anchor” teeth hold the pontic or artificial tooth in place. To ensure there is adequate support, these anchor or abutment teeth must be crowned. The natural teeth are altered or reduced, which allows the crowns to fit well over them. The pontic and crowns are then placed on and cemented to the anchors’ natural tooth structure.

Dentures have conventionally been held in place with natural suction or denture adhesive. It is typically easier to secure the upper denture, rather than the lower denture due to anatomical differences; the shape of the floor of the mouth can make it challenging to hold the base in place, which is why some patients use adhesives to prevent embarrassing or uncomfortable slippage and sores.

Implants are designed to replicate what nature intended. By that, the crown, bridge, or denture is “rooted” in the jaw with implants. Each implant is made from a biocompatible material, such as titanium or ceramic zirconium, and shaped like a cylinder. Once placed in the jaw, the implant joins to surrounding bone naturally. So, when the new tooth is fixed on top of the implant, it is stabilized in the jaw. The implant functions like a natural tooth root.

Sink into the benefits

Implant-retained teeth are designed like natural teeth. There are many advantages due to this design, including:

  • Superior aesthetics
  • Natural feel
  • Optimal chewing efficiency and function
  • Easy to care for
  • Durability – they last 30-plus years
  • A great value
  • Keeps bone strong 

Dental implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures may cost a little more upfront. But, due to these and other advantages, they are a fantastic investment in your appearance, self-esteem, health, and overall wellbeing. Notably, they prevent or halt destructive bone loss. Bone resorption, as the process is known, causes the chin and lower third of the face to appear recessed, which prematurely ages you. It can also have a dramatic, negative impact on how you eat and speak, and other functions that we take for granted until problems arise.

Trust your tooth replacement to our advanced training and technology, such as the precision and safe iTero scannerand digital X-rays. We look forward to hearing from you!