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No other city grew at the rate that Phoenix did between 2010 and 2019, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Signs of growth are all around us. As a transplant from Indiana (more than 25 years ago!), Dr. Richard Higgs appreciates all the recreational, cultural, and community amenities that Chandler, AZ and the surrounding area has to offer.

He also appreciates that you have many options when selecting a dentist to care for all of your family’s oral health needs. Aquila Dental is privileged to set itself apart from other practices in many ways, including:

  • Advanced technology – We have invested in sophisticated technologies to enhance the dental experience. Laser dentistry, same-day crowns (made while you wait!), tailored sedative options, and digital (low-exposure) X-rays are just a few of the ways that we support comfort, convenience, safety, and exceptional outcomes at our office.
  • Advanced artistry – Dr. Richard Higgs has completed training at the renowned The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum in Alameda, CA. There is peace of mind, knowing that the appearance and health of your smile is in skilled hands. This notion applies whether you are in need of a “touch-up” with cosmetic dental bonding and in-office or home teeth whitening, or if you are undergoing a full “smile makeover.” We’re adept at everything from recontouring a “gummy” smile, to rebuilding teeth with porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, and dentures that are in indistinguishable in form and function from natural and healthy teeth.
  • Proactive, comprehensive services – Aquila Dental treats patients aged four and older. Our preventative, general, cosmetic, and restorative services are designed to resolve oral conditions or to maintain oral health at every life stage, and as needs for care evolve. Generally, conservative treatments are associated with little to no trauma, minimal time commitment chairside, and they are cost-effective. Professional cleanings and exams at least every six months are a cornerstone of excellent oral health. During these visits, we may also recommend additional preventive services, such as dental sealants and oral appliances (sports mouth guards or night guards for those patients who grind their teeth).

With ongoing visits to our office, you can avoid the need for emergency dental care. However, when accidents arise, our team makes every effort to see you same-day. We also offer many payment options, including our in-house membership plan, to ease fears about the dental bill. To benefit from high-value, quality dentistry, call Aquila Dental today. Schedule either an in-person or virtual consult. Send us a photo and our dentist will provide personalized video feedback. We look forward to “meeting” you!

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Dr. Richard Higgs

Experienced family dentist Richard Higgs, DDS, is happy to serve Chandler, Arizona, and the surrounding Maricopa County community at Aquila Dental. Dr. Richard Higgs hails from northwest Indiana. In 1989, he completed his undergraduate degree at Indiana University in Indianapolis.

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Richard Higgs, DDS In the Media

Dr. Higgs At Your Life Arizona About Missing Tooth

Tell me a little bite about their patient experience when they come to Aquila Dental?
So every patient is different, when we spend the time getting to know the patient getting to know what they need – we are going to go over their medical history their dental history create road map for giving them a smile and the function that they want and need. And you do a little bit of everything? We do.

Richard Higgs, DDS In the Media

Overcoming Dental Anxiety

If you have been neglecting your teeth because of the fear of paying a visit to the dentist IV sedation can help you – here to tell us how the procedure works is Doctor Rich Higgs with Aquila Dental. Good morning doctor god to see you – so what does IV Sedation entail? So IV sedation was where we actually start an Ivy and provide medication that can put you in a very nice place you don’t experiment the procedure you don’t remember the procedure it makes it very comfortable so what kind of procedure can person use Ivy Sedation from? We do it for all kinds of procedure. I took the course stop become a Ivy sedation certified for my major surgeries and I find that I am doing it for a lot of other procedures as well. From deep cleanings to fillings oth crowns, basically whatever the patient wants and wants to be sedated for we will do it – unfortunately so many people have a fear about going to the dentist – do they need to come to you and say I want to be desalted or is that something that you need oth recommend? It is absolutely a 2 ways street. We offer sedation patients request it, sometimes we recommend it – it is all an open conversation basically it is what we want oth do in our practice is make people as comfortable as possible giving them the dentistry that they need and people that are fearful about coming to the dentist that are avoiding dental care that they know you need, we want them to know that there is an avenue hat will have them to have an experience that is comfortable painless and really quote easy. Are there any risks that people need to know about when it comes to Ivy sedation? Well in our office we have done a lot of training we continue to update our trading it is a serious procedure it is anesthesia we make sure that we screen the patient correctly for their medical conditions and the drugs that they are taking and we continually educated ourselves on handling any kinds of problems that might arrive. If someone comes to you and they know that need a little sedation is there anything that they need oth prepare for it? Well we can always do a consultation first and describe the thing that they need but they can really expect that they are going oth have a responsible adult take care of them for during and after – drive them home exactly and there is going to be a period of time where they won’t eat before but we will describe all of that in a consult. It is so importnat for everyone to have their teeth checked to have their healthy mouth – you have a special offer tell me about that – we do it is a 150 dollars off a new patient special and that includes a cleaning, exam, x-rays and also these are for non-issued patients however we do offer a special program for our insured patients as well, gift cards and other gifts for them, so everyone is welcome. Doctor thank you so much you make it so easy so there is no reason why we should not be going oth the dentist thanks so much for coming in and if you want to learn more about Aquila dental head to their website or call the number on the screen.

Treating Smiles Differently

A smile can transform a person’s life and here to tell us all about the cosmetic procedures you can do to get your smile the way you have always wanted is Dr. Richard Higgs with Aquila Dental. Good morning doctor good to see you – good morning. So what kind of services do you offer for cosmetic dentistry? There are so many kinds of services for cosmetic dentistry from simple whitening to bonding of a chipped tooth all the way to completely smile makeovers honestly. So how do these makeovers differ from patient to patient? So everyone’s cosmetic needs are different – a smile is the first thing most people notice and many patient come oth us wanting to improve their smile we take the time to find out what their needs are wants are where they are at – where they want to be and we device plan to get them there. And as you said a smile really is the first thing people see – so I got to think when you do these cosmetic makeovers they look in the mirror that has to be unbelievable I mean what do you see? These are great ways in dentistry – I have seen others I have seen children who have never seen their mother smile and tears flow it is wonderful. We see people who have walked around with their hands in front of their mouths for most of their lives and even the way they eat around other people. Absolutely, people get into the job market now than they did ever before. He feels so condiment! They do! I know you have some before and after pictures just the extent of what your talents are and how you and help people, tell me about some of these before and after? So this gentleman really did not know what he could do he had been to several dentist. I worked with phenomenal ceramists, and phenomenal lab technicians and we created a plan and the results speak for themselves this was a just a wonderful transformation from the sedation and it looks so natural! It does! And that is the key! We don’t want the smile to be something that looks artificial. We have the ability and the technology in this day and age to make things look naturally beautiful. You have a special offer because I know a lot of people want that smile and they have dreamed of telling people about that. We do it is a 150 dollars off for new patient special this includes a cleaning exam, x-rays and a treatment plan. All right doctor thank you so much it is always great to see you, and if you want to learn more about Aquila dental head to their website or call the number you see right there on your screen!

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a common disorder which can cause you to have one or more lapses in breathing, or have shallow breath while you sleep here to help patient regain a healthy night sleep is doctor Richard Higgs with Aquila dental. Good morning! So tell our viewers out there what exactly is sleep apnea? Well sleep apnea as you mentioned is a pausing in breathing it can be very dangerous to your health – it can cause mini pauses in your breathing while you sleep. You know actually stop breathing your body will wake up and that can be very stressful. So how does that related to dentistry? So dentistry helps with sleep apnea in that we have developed a device that moves the jaw forward and opens the airway treatment for sleep apnea was traditionally always done with CPAP it is a continues pressure machine. Very cumbersome to wear for a lot of patient, very uncomfortable and a lot of patient are incompliant with the continuous open airway device that we have developed, we move the jaw forward and it opens the airway allowing the air to pass more freely. So how do people actually know if they have sleep apnea? Well snoring is probably the most common, if you have a sleep partner that can hear you snore loudly or hears you stop breathing gasping for breath in the middle of the night so that is when you sleep. During the day constantly tired if you have difficulty concentrating being overweight is another common thing but it is not the only thing that one would have to be having. So what would happen if people leave this untreated? It is actually a very dangerous disease to stop breathing while you sleep is very stressful on most of our organs systems, high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, risk of stroke. These are things that can affect people, the obvious ones are if you are tired you are operating heavy machinery or driving a car it is very dangerous on a daily basis but overall in your life if you have sleep panes it can be stressful to your body and lead to major problems. So when people come into your office how do you treat it? How do you start going through this process? Well a person needs diagnosed by a medical doctor first and foremost. We try to help people screen, we screen people from it we ask questions, we do examinations of the mouth we see things in the teeth that might constitute an issue as sleep apnea – if we get them to a physician and they have a sleep study they can be diagnosed. If they have sleep apnea then dentistry offers this device which is an alternative to CPAP to treat sleep apnea. It is a lot easier I am sure. I think for a lot of patient I am sure – you have got a special offer right now as well for our viewers. We do – we are offering a150 dollars off for new patient experience. That includes patient exams and cleaning. This is for our patient who don’t have insurance, for our patient who do have insurance we are also offering gift cards and other gifts to make it easier. Alright well it is definitely worth taking care of your health – for user! Thank you so much. Thank you! And if you want to learn more about Aquila dental head oth their website or call the number on your screen.

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