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Veneers are a great way to restore your smile and dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your teeth. These small, wafer-thin restorations fit perfectly over your existing teeth, and are built to match the surrounding teeth perfectly, providing a comprehensive smile makeover.

At Aquila Dental, Dr. Rich Higgs specializes in porcelain veneers. If you are unhappy with your smile, veneers may be the ideal way to get the smile of your dreams.




Eric | 10 Unit Veneers, Laser Whitening

Eric came in unhappy with his smile. He was disappointed with the spacing and color of his teeth. Because of this, he was self-conscious of his smile. We were able to give him a beautiful smile with veneers. He now enjoys the confidence to smile big and often!



Susan | 4 Upper Veneers and Whitening

Susan wasn’t satisfied with the look of her teeth. In addition, due to root exposure, she had extra sensitivity. After reviewing options with her, she decided that she would like whitening and four upper veneers. Now she has a beautiful smile she can be proud to share.



Azza | 10 Upper Veneers and Crowns

Years of grinding had left Azza’s teeth worn and broken. She also had weak enamel. The result was a smile that she was embarrassed to show. We decided the best solution, in this case, would be to cover the worn, chipped teeth with crowns and veneers. In a few short weeks, she had an amazing smile. She said, “I never thought I could have teeth that looked this good.



Heather | Upper and Lower Veneers

Heather had always been self-conscious with not only the enamel wear and staining but the shape as well. With a wedding coming up, she wanted to be the confident bride she’d always dreamed of being. Heather elected to move forward with upper and lower veneers, lengthening and evening out her smile and giving her teeth a softer more rounded feminine appearing teeth. It was so exciting to make sure she had the smile she wanted for her wedding.


what are veneers?

Most modern veneers are built out of porcelain, or another high-quality ceramic material. They are made to fit over your existing teeth, essentially “replacing” them, and providing you with a straighter, more attractive smile.


how are veneers placed?

Veneers usually take at least two appointments for placement. At your first appointment, Dr. Higgs will prepare your teeth by removing a very small amount of enamel from each tooth that will be treated. This enamel is equal in thickness to the veneer and is removed to ensure a perfect fit.

Then, images and molds of your mouth are taken and sent to a third-party lab where your veneers will be created. You’ll be given temporary veneers to wear until the permanent ones arrive, and your veneers will be sent to our office in about 2-3 weeks.

Once your veneers are manufactured and they arrive at our office, you’ll come in for your last appointment to have them placed. During this appointment, Dr. Higgs will check each veneer for size, shape, color, and fit, to ensure that your smile looks perfect. Then, using advanced dental cement, he will bond them in place permanently.

Veneers are a popular cosmetic option because they have a number of benefits. They’re permanent, stain resistant, and require no special care. They also look and feel completely natural, so nobody has to know that you’ve had dental work done.


do you offer no-prep veneers?

Yes! We offer both Lumineers and Emprethin, two of the leading “no prep” veneers used in dental practices across America. No-prep veneers are ideal if you are afraid of dental drills, or do not want to have any of your natural tooth enamel removed.

Both Lumineers and Emprethin use extremely durable, advanced porcelain that is very thin– only about the thickness of a contact lens! This means that, unlike traditional veneers, there is no need to prep the surface of your teeth or remove any enamel.

Lumineers and Emprethin can be used in most cases where traditional porcelain veneers can be used, but there are some exceptions. We recommend making a cosmetic dentistry appointment, and asking Dr. Rich Higgs if no-prep veneers are right for you.

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If you’re thinking about getting porcelain veneers, or you have other cosmetic dentistry issues and you are looking for a comprehensive consultation, Aquila Dental is the best choice in Chandler.

Dr. Higgs is an experienced cosmetic dentist. He can help you understand which procedures, including veneers, are right for you. At our office, we’ll build you a custom cosmetic dentistry plan to get you the smile you’ve always wanted at the lowest possible price.

Contact us now at (480) 812-2800 to take the first step toward the smile of your dreams, or drop by our office for a visit at 3175 S Price Road, Suite 140, Chandler, AZ 85248 to get started.




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