What is “teeth in a day”? Get a dental crown in a single visit with CEREC in Chandler, AZ

In the past, if a tooth was broken, severely decayed, or otherwise damaged and required a crown, it would take at least two visits to restore it. Now, if you live in or near Chandler, AZ, you have faster options to restore your tooth that do not sacrifice quality. In fact, at Aquila Dental, we use sophisticated software and equipment to design and create crowns that look just like natural, healthy teeth and that are built to last. The system that Dr. Richard Higgs uses to handle all aspects of the crown process is technically called “CEREC” or “teeth in a day.” You can have everything from the natural tooth preparation to the actual fabrication and placement of the crown completed in less than a day – in one to two hours! You do not have to wait weeks for your permanent crown to be made with this convenient, tech-based system. 

What is CEREC? 

If you get to know what CEREC stands for, you get a much better sense of its benefits. The software and hardware that we use have entirely transformed the process of getting a crown and other types of “indirect” dental restorations. So, CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics”: 

  • Chairside: Typically, crowns are made by a ceramist in an outside lab. With CEREC, we can make the crown “chairside” at our office. 
  • Economical – We save you money and time. You do not have to make two or more trips to our office to get your new and improved tooth. Plus, this approach designs crowns that are of great value (very durable!).
  • Restoration – Dr. Richard Higgs uses the proprietary iTero 3D scanner to capture your tooth’s images and collect any other vitals about the tooth to be crowned. This information is transformed using specialized software into a 3-dimensional model of your tooth. Using this model, Dr. Richard Higgs designs your crown, and those specifications are then programmed into the onsite milling machine that shapes your new tooth structure. Dr. Richard Higgs can also make precision refinements in moments. 
  • Esthetic – The crown is milled from a high-quality block of dental ceramic. Quality ceramics are known for lifelike characteristics, and they also mimic the natural tooth structure in terms of strength. 
  • Ceramics – We do not cut corners at Aquila Dental! The materials we use are pleasing to the eye and withstand all the rigors you put them through from day-to-day chewing and other functions.

We trust this gives you a taste of our convenient, stress-free crowns process. We welcome any questions you may have to help “fill in the blanks.” Contact us at (480) 812-2800 today.