Soft tissue lasers restore the balanced beauty and health of your smile non-invasively in Chandler, AZ

Aquila Dental in Chandler, AZ boasts a powerful combination of skilled and experienced dental professionals, as well as the latest and safest clinically proven technologies. Advanced tools such as lasers are designed to elevate the experience at the dentist’s office. 

Laser dentistry presents an alternative or adjunct to conventional dental techniques and instruments that involve cutting tools. Some lasers are uniquely designed to treat soft oral tissue, including gums or gingiva. Other lasers may be manufactured to treat hard tissues, primarily the teeth. Still, other systems were developed to work effectively on both soft and hard tissues. Regardless of the type of laser that is used, patients who undergo laser-assisted treatments generally enjoy many of the same benefits:

  • Accurate treatment – Outcomes are predictable, as the light generated by the laser beam is directed precisely toward the treatment site.
  • Conservative – Since the area is treated so precisely, tissues outside of the treatment site remain intact and untouched. It preserves optimal healthy tissue and presents a low-risk approach to treatment. 
  • Fast – Non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedures are generally associated with less time chairside and less recovery or downtime as there is nothing to heal! 
  • Gentle – As conservative treatments, laser-assisted procedures are tolerated well by patients. So, anesthetic is often not necessary. That makes laser treatment an excellent option for patients who have dental anxiety and fear over pain and conventional tools such as shots, scalpels, and drills. 
  • Healthy healing – Lasers support a rapid, comfortable recovery by minimizing side effects such as post-treatment bleeding and discomfort. They also encourage healthy and natural tissue regeneration.

Dr. Richard Higgs uses soft tissue lasers for many applications. Gingivectomy involves removing tissues that are damaged due to conditions such as gum disease. The process may also be used to promptly and painlessly recontour gums for a more aesthetically pleasing and balanced smile. Gingivoplasty similarly reshapes the gum tissue, and only we suggest this process to commonly correct smiles that are “too gummy.” The former treatment may involve building up healthy gums, whereas the latter may include correcting “excess” tissue among those with cosmetic concerns. Laser frenectomy repairs lip ties or tongue ties. Historically, the fibrous bands associated with these conditions have been restored with cutting tools, such as scalpels. 

Many soft tissue conditions can be optimally treated with lasers, including periodontal therapies to restore or maintain your supportive gums’ health. Experience the benefits for yourself. Contact Aquila Dental today at (480) 812-2800 to schedule your appointment.