Your one-of-a-kind smile makeover awaits in Chandler, AZ

At Aquila Dental, we “specialize” in life-changing dentistry. One of the most dramatic ways to transform your appearance, confidence, and wellbeing is with a smile makeover. However, your makeover is not like anyone else’s. It makes us smile to show all the different ways we have changed our patients’ lives with a blend of warm, yet sophisticated dentistry. And we look forward to doing much the same for you, from our office in Chandler, AZ.

One-of-a-kind dentistry for one-of-a-kind people

All dental treatments planned, designed, and administered by Dr. Richard Higgs vary from person to person. Yet, no other type of dental procedure embodies this individuality and custom, tailored treatment quite like the smile makeover. We start by examining your teeth and gums and discussing your preferences and goals. From there, we can determine the best techniques and treatments to make over your appearance, self-esteem, and even healthy functionality. Keep in mind that many types of treatments, such as crowns and implant-supported bridges and dentures, arerestorative in nature. They are designed to restore the structural integrity of the tooth, with the added benefits of an aesthetically pleasing result. Additionally, some cosmetic treatments have long-term health implications; for instance, cosmetic recontouring promotes healthy teeth and gums by correcting pits and overhangs where bacteria, plaque, and tartar tend to flourish.

In partnership with you, we may determine that your smile goals can be reached with a combination of dental treatments, including:

  • Cosmetic recontouring – As referenced, this non-invasive procedure involves using considerable skill and specialized instruments to soften, reshape, and polish surface irregularities.
  • Dental bonding – If you have more extensive needs, Dr. Richard Higgs may recommend bonding or direct veneers. A dental material, such as composite resin, is matched to the color of your surrounding teeth. It is applied as a putty-like material to the teeth, which your dentist then shapes to disguise chips, slight fractures, or gaps between teeth. It may even be used to add height to a short tooth, or to reshape teeth.
  • Porcelain veneers – Dental ceramics such as porcelain may also be used to correct the conditions mentioned above. We use a world-class lab, Kierland Smile Design, to fabricate the veneers. Additionally, we offer two types of veneers that are so thin, they require no alteration of natural tooth structure. So, they are a conservative, reversible, and well-tolerated treatment (no sensitivity).
  • Professional whitening – A high-reward, low-cost treatment, bleaching in our office or from the comfort of your home lifts stains and returns your teeth to their lovely, vibrant, and healthy-looking shade. Since treatment is planned and overseen by a dentist, you can ensure that the powerful whitening gel will be applied evenly and safely.
  • Cosmetic orthodontics – At Aquila Dental, you can straighten your teeth and get a better bite comfortably and discreetly with Invisalign®. This method of treatment effectively corrects crowded, crooked, misaligned teeth with removable, smooth, and transparent aligners – not braces.

We are happy to provide a taste of the options available to improve the appearance of your smile and, depending on your needs, your oral health, too. We look forward to meeting you in person or “virtually.” Schedule your smile consultation today.