Preventive dentistry in Chandler, AZ: The foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles

Thirty-one percent of Arizonans rate their oral health as “fair” or “poor,” according to the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Institute. This is concerning. By the time patients develop a toothache and know something is wrong, the decay or diseasemay have progressed to where extensive procedures are required to resolve the damage. A tooth may be so damaged, that it cannot be preserved. Tooth loss affects every aspect of a person’s life, from nutrition to self-confidence. Fortunately, the primary causes of tooth loss, gum disease,and tooth decay, can be averted with preventive dentistry at Aquila Dental in Chandler, AZ.

Consistency – the key to a healthy smile

Dr. Richard Higgs and our skilled hygienists will see you at least every six months. During these visits, Dr. Richard Higgs visually inspects your teeth, gums, and other structures for abnormalities. He uses advanced diagnostics, such as digital X-rays, to pinpoint the likes of “hidden” decay that cannot be detected with visual inspection. Our hygienists are trained to skillfully use specialized tools to remove stubborn plaque from your teeth and at the gumline. If you have active gum disease, we may recommend a deeper cleaning: scaling and root planing. This non-surgical, periodontal therapy removes plaque and bacteria from underneath the gumline and smooths the root surfaces. Smooth surfaces are less likely to attract harmful bacteria and promote decay.

It is also imperative that patients are consistent about their hygiene away from the dentist’s office. We are adept at assessing patients’ needs. So, we can recommend products and slight modifications to hygiene routines that will make a world of difference in how effectively you brush and floss. Commonly, patients may fail to floss at least once a day, or they may not brush as thoroughly as they should (for at least two minutes each time). Take care to also brush your tongue and palate, as these are areas that harbor bacteria.

Professional preventative services

We at Aquila Dental have access to products and treatments that you cannot buy at the store or online. For instance, during your visits, we may recommend fluoride therapy. A naturally occurring mineral, fluoride supplementation with products such as varnishes or rinses can provide additional “support” to your teeth structure. It also helps to remineralize the teeth. Oral appliance therapy involves customizing a night-guard, mouthguard, or snore-guard to protect your teeth from damage caused by teeth-grinding, sports-related injuries, and to promote healthy breathing. These made-to-fit appliances may also adjust the position of your jaws, which can relieve the stress on TM Joints. Dental sealants are also an appropriate preventive treatment to protect hard-to-reach, grooved back teeth from decay.

We look forward to meeting you or reconnecting with your family. Schedule your appointment today.