Pediatric dentistry in Chandler, AZ that evolves with your child for a lifetime of healthy smiles

We hear a lot about the effects of widespread childhood obesity, diabetes, and asthma. However, as typical as these conditions are, none of them are as prevalent as dental disease! Tooth decay is the most widespread chronic condition affecting children, according to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Dental disease is also among the most preventable of conditions. When detected and treated early, both dental and periodontal (gum) disease can be reversed. At Aquila Dental, we encourage you to get your child in a healthy routine. Pediatric dentistry at our office in Chandler, AZ, is built on a foundation of routine visits and proactive, non-judgmental, and friendly care. We want your child and you to feel comfortable with us. So, you will keep coming back for the care that supports your healthiest smile and body. 

It is never too early to practice good habits!

The AAPD generally recommends the “1, 1, 1 rule: You should schedule your child’s first visit as soon as the first tooth breaks out and by no later than his or her first birthday. While this may sound early to you, how your child’s baby or primary teeth develop plays a critical role in developing your child’s adult teeth. If teeth are lost prematurely and are not “replaced” with interventions like “space maintainers” (“spacers”), the permanent teeth have nothing to guide them into proper position or placement. The result may be a misaligned bite or many other developmental complications that can have lasting effects into adulthood and, ultimately, require restorative care. 

The ABCs of early visits 

The first visits to our office are about Acquainting you and your child with our team. We are not “born” scared of the dentist; fearful adults often develop anxiety and apprehension due to negative experiences at other dental offices early in childhood. We want you and your child to feel as comfortable as possible with the office surroundings, the tools we use, and our friendly staff. That way, these visits become second nature. These visits are also opportunities for Dr. Richard Higgs to detect Baby Bottle Decay and other problems that may threaten primary teeth and oral tissues’ health proactively. Modifications such as refraining from filling baby bottles with sugary fruit juices can prevent the early decay that results in childhood tooth loss. We also provide guidance on Care that is tailored to your needs. For example, your child may not even have any teeth that are present. Yet, you still need to cleanse your baby’s gums. Use a soft, dampened cloth. 

A lifetime of healthy smiles

Unlike other pediatric dental offices, your child can remain a patient of Aquila Dental for life. He or she does not “graduate” out of our care. So, kids can stay with the dentist, hygienist, and team that they’ve grown to know and trust. That is no small matter. As your child gets older, new challenges can develop that threaten their health. We will be right there with them, through every change and evolving need. Suppose your child has additional care needs. In that case, we may recommend fluoride treatments, orthodontic appliances or functional exercises that promote a balanced smile, or dental sealants to keep decay-prone back teeth healthy. Likewise, we can help to protect your child’s great-looking and healthy smile with mouthguards and other oral appliances.

Why treat, after all, when you can prevent? We look forward to meeting your family! Call us today at (480) 812-2800 to schedule an appointment.