Laser therapy is a comfortable and effective way to reshape or remove excess soft tissue as needed. Richard Higgs, DDS, and the dedicated team of dental specialists at Aquila Dental, located in Chandler, Arizona, uses laser therapy for gum reshaping, frenectomy, and much more. Call the office or request your appointment online to learn more about how laser therapy can help you get the aesthetic results you desire and the improved oral health you need.

Laser Therapy Q & A

The Odyssey diode laser is today’s most advanced diode laser technology. Your Aquila Dental dentist uses the wireless handpiece for maximum precision in performing soft tissue reshaping procedures. 

Aquila Dental offers several soft tissue therapy procedures, including: 


In a gingivectomy, your Aquila Dental dentist reshapes or removes excess gum tissue. Your dentist might do a gingivectomy or either aesthetic reasons, like improving a gummy smile or for functional reasons like accessing decay below your gums. Sometimes, your dentist might perform gingivectomy to reshape your gums before placing a restoration like a crown or a veneer. 


In a lingual frenectomy, your Aquila Dental dentist severs the lingual frenum, the small band of tissue that ties your tongue to the bottom of your mouth. The lingual frenum can prevent normal eating and speech, especially in babies and young children, so it’s a common procedure early in life. 

In a labial frenectomy, your dentist severs the tissue band that ties the middle of your upper lip to the gums above your front teeth. If your labial frenum gets too close to your gum line, it can cause spacing problems like a major gap between your front teeth.

Fibroma and hemangioma removal

Your dentist removes fibromas and hemangiomas for either functional or aesthetic reasons, depending on your situation and goals.


Gingivoplasty is laser therapy in which your Aquila Dental dentist excises overgrown soft tissue within your mouth. The main reason for gingivoplasty is swelling from periodontal disease caused by poor dental care or systemic disease.

Your Aquila Dental dentist might also recommend other types of laser therapy, depending on your particular needs and wishes.

One of the most significant innovations of the Odyssey diode laser is that it makes incisions and coagulates blood simultaneously. This means several advantages for you as the patient, including less bleeding and pain and much faster healing than you’d experience with traditional incision procedures. 

Aquila Dental is proud to offer laser therapy using today’s most advanced dental laser. Use the online booking tool to request an appointment or call the office to make your appointment today.