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Migraine Treatment

People who have migraine pain suffer a lot. Medical examinations often show, however, that they are otherwise perfectly healthy.

A recent medical study indicates that people with chronic migraine pain and chronic headache pain often clench their jaws together in a balanced, centered position. This causes extremely intense muscular contraction, but little strain on the jaw. Nighttime jaw clenching usually goes unnoticed, but it sets the stage for migraine pain and chronic headache pain.

Dentists usually hear about intense jaw clenching when patients complain about TMJ, a very common and painful jaw disorder caused by clenching tightly in an off-centered, lopsided way while asleep. We typically will make a specialized mouthpiece that covers all of the teeth front and back to balance the bite for the TMJ sufferer. Unfortunately, this type of mouthpiece may also increase jaw-clenching intensity, and make the pain even worse.

It is vitally important to do a complete TMJ / headache exam to determine what type of mouthpiece is most appropriate.

Dr. Higgs now offers the NTI-tss device which has been shown to reduce clenching intensity by 66%. NTI is an acronym for "Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition" (reducing negative trigeminal input) and TSS for Tension Suppression Systems. The NTI-tss is a small, nearly invisible, removable device you wear while you’re sleeping.

Unlike the traditional mouthpiece with a flat surface, the NTI-tss device is a custom-fitted device that prevents the tooth surfaces from coming into intense contact. By eliminating high-intensity contact, you also eliminate high-intensity clenching, and the muscular irritation that leads to migraine pain, TMJ, and chronic headache pain.

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