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Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

What is Soft Tissue Laser Therapy?

Lasers can be used for many soft tissue procedures that were once only correctable through surgery. The laser provides precision control with amazing results.

Soft tissue laser procedures include:

  • Reshaping or removing gum tissue (Gingivectomy). These procedures are done for periodontal or esthetic reasons or in order to gain access to decay. Soft tissue reshaping may be done to gain proper shapes and forms for teeth and or restorations.
  • Clipping muscle attachments (Frenectomy) This procedure may be used to remove an attachment that is interfering with normal speech or causing excessive soft tissue loss around teeth. This procedure is also done in conjunction with orthodontics to close excessive space between teeth.
  • Removing soft tissue growths (Fibroma removals, Hemangioma removals.) This procedure is used to remove excess tissue or growths that may be an esthetic or functional problem.
  • Gently removing swollen tissues (Gingivoplasty). This procedure is used to remove excess tissue caused by systemic disease, medication, or poor oral hygiene.

Lasers allow Dr. Higgs to very precisely reshape tissues to proper contours for the best aesthetic result possible. Utilizing a laser allows Dr. Higgs to be precise and to perform procedures as gently as possible with the least amount of postoperative pain and swelling.

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