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Cosmetic Recontouring

Chandler Dentist - Recountouring of teeth, before and after restoration

How Can Cosmetic Recontouring Help Me?

Dental Cosmetic Recontouring is sometimes done to smooth and beautify minor chips or wear in teeth.  Dental health can also be improved by removing or smoothing out pits or overhangs where dental plaque or tartar easily builds up.

The edges of a tooth can be smoothed, corners reshaped and polished to resemble their original, or sometimes better than original appearance.

While useful for small chips, recontouring does not take the place of veneers or bonding.  If your teeth have deeper chips or fractures or large fillings, then cosmetic recontouring is not the recommended treatment.

Some imperfections which are unable to be removed by contouring alone may be treated with cosmetic dental bonding as well.

Dental Cosmetic Recontouring is typically performed without local anesthetic since the living pulp of the tooth is not affected. The treatment is typically done by Dr. Higgs in just one visit.

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