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Debbie's Smile Story

Deb's - Smile Story

"I am enjoying my new smile.  I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience there.

I went to Dr Higgs to get a new smile.  I originally got veneers eight years ago and had not been happy with their appearance or durability.  I was very skeptical when I went to see Dr. Higgs and his staff.  He assured me that they could provide me with veneers that looked good and were functional.  I have to say my whole experience was very positive.  Dr Higgs and his staff took the time and attention  during my appointments to get the job done and to provide great customer service.  I am no longer a skeptic.  My teeth are done and they look fantastic.  I would recommend Dr Higgs to anyone needing cosmetic dentistry.  I am now proud to smile once again.  I had almost forgotten what it feels like.  Thanks Dr Higgs. "


Deb came to us unhappy about her previous porcelain veneers. She had suffered from a type of tooth staining caused by the use of a specific antibiotic at an early age.  This left all of her teeth a very dark grey color.  She had gone to a dentist for veneers and was unfortunately given veneers that did not take into account the dark tooth structure and had too much “show through.” 

We were able to mask the underlying tooth structure and provide Deb with the smile she had wanted her entire life.  An awesome outcome!

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