Transform your smile in an instant with cosmetic recontouring in Chandler, AZ

At Aquila Dental, we offer one of the fastest, most conservative, and least invasive ways to safely, painlessly, predictably, and dramatically improve the appearance of your smile: cosmetic recontouring.

As with all treatments at our office in Chandler AZ, Dr. Richard Higgs will examine your teeth and gums, and discuss what you would like to change about your smile. You may be an appropriate candidate forthe recontouring procedure if:

  • You have sufficient natural enamel (no excessive erosion)
  • The pulp tissue is not located too close to the tooth’s surface.
  • You want to get rid of uneven, bulged, or pitted surfaces
  • Slight chips bother you
  • You want to slightly alter the shape or length of the teeth (for a more uniform, balanced appearance)

The process itself involves Dr. Richard Higgs using specialized tools or products to buff or burr away at the enamel ever so slightly. The alteration of natural enamel is so conservative, that patients do not need anesthetic to numb the mouth. It is well-tolerated and is not associated with sensitivity and discomfort. While the results can be seen instantly following this fast and straightforward treatment, it is not for everyone. Patients with more extensive damage, such as bigger chips, may be better candidates for alternative treatments such as porcelain veneers and dental bonding. We also offer ultra-thin veneers, which require little to no removal of natural enamel.

It is important that the enamel be sufficiently thick and that the pulp not be too close to the surface, because altering what is left of this protective layer can put you at increased risk of developing persistent sensitivity and discomfort. That is because the recontoured enamel may expose the softer dentin layer that resides underneath. Patients may experience increased sensitivity when they drink or eat hot, cold, or sweet beverages and foods.

Fortunately, Dr. Richard Higgs combines his extensive knowledge and training (including from the prestigious The Pacific Aesthetic Continuum in Alameda, California) and precision diagnostics to recommend a treatment plan that is best for your needs and goals. Cosmetic recontouring can make a tremendous difference in your smile on its own, but it may also be combined with other options to restore the youthful vitality of this central facial feature. Contact us today to schedule your smile consultation.