Dental Implants


what are dental implants?

If you’re missing one or more teeth in Chandler, Dr. Higgs can help. At Aquila Dental, we use the latest advanced technology, such as Itero scanners and digital x-rays, to provide superior results. Dental implants are permanent replacement teeth that look and feel completely natural. Patients who have lost teeth due to decay, an accident, or another dental health issue can smile confidently again after that transformative treatment.



Full Mouth Makeover, Implants, Bridge, Upper and Lower Veneers and Crowns

Trung came to Aquila Dental because he lacked confidence in the appearance of his teeth. He was a happy person but never felt he could express it with a smile. After placing a series of veneers and crown on both his upper and lower teeth along with a few dental implants he finally had the smile he always wanted. Now he is not only confident but proud of his smile, which has opened new doors for him. This is the power of life-changing dentistry.




LEARN about dental implants

A dental implant is made up of two parts. The first part consists of a small, titanium post that is placed into the gumline and mimics the root of the missing tooth. The second part is an implant-supported restoration, such as a dental crown, bridge, or a full set of dentures. Once it is determined which restoration is right for you, Dr. Higgs will permanently affix it to your implant to restore your smile. Whether you’ve lost a single tooth, several teeth, or both arches of your teeth, dental implants can give you your smile back


UNDERSTANDING the dental implant process

Placing a dental implant usually takes at least two appointments, as well as an initial consultation to determine whether your mouth is healthy enough for the procedure. To begin the process, Dr. Higgs will take detailed scans and images of your mouth using our Itero scanner to plan out your treatment. When you come in for your next appointment, your mouth will be cleaned and numbed in the area where the surgery will take place. We also offer sedation dentistry services to enhance patient comfort.

Dr. Higgs will create a very small opening in the gumline and jaw, and place a small titanium implant. While your gumline heals, you’ll wear a temporary crown to ensure the gum doesn’t grow over the implant. As you heal over a period of about 3-6 months, your implant will undergo the process of “osseointegration.” This means that the metal of the implant will permanently bond with the surrounding gum and jaw tissue, effectively becoming an artificial tooth root.

During your last appointment, Dr. Higgs will permanently affix your implant-supported restoration. Most commonly, this is a dental crown. However, more than one implant can be placed to support dental bridges or even a full arch of upper or lower teeth. You’ll leave our office with a fresh, confident smile.


THE BENEFITS why choose dental implants?

Dental implants have a number of powerful benefits. They look and feel completely natural, and they are indistinguishable from a real tooth. Implants are also durable and long-lasting. You can expect your implant to last at least 30 years, and many patients find that their implant will last them for the rest of their lives. Finally, dental implants do not require any special care. Just brush and floss twice a day as you normally would, and see Dr. Higgs every 6 months for an oral exam and teeth cleaning.


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