Dental Bonding


About Cosmetic Bonding and Veneering

It is possible for you to have natural looking beautiful teeth with the use of Cosmetic Bonding and Veneering. Dr. Higgs will properly prepare your tooth or teeth, and restore them with natural colored composite resin filling material. Your new dental work will blend in with your surrounding teeth.



WHY cosmetic bonding?

Composite resin dental bonding is used as a way to improve or hide a visible defect found on a tooth’s surface, to restore any part of a tooth which has chipped or fractured, or to restore the damage caused by tooth decay or caries. Composite resin dental bonding can even be used on the entire front surface of a tooth, to improve the way it looks cosmetically.


IS IT right for me?

Dr. Higgs uses a wide variety of techniques to fill teeth. Particularly, bonded tooth-colored composite resin fillings, porcelain inlays and onlays, and even cast gold is used. We will spend time consulting with you to make sure you choose the filling material that works best for you. A filling should be in service for many years, ensuring that your teeth are protected and unnoticeable by you.

Compared to other cosmetic or restorative procedures, composite resin dental bonding can be considered to be inexpensive, and is most often completed in one visit. One of the disadvantages of bonding is that it does have a tendency to pick up stain over time and is in general less durable and long lasting than other cosmetic dental procedures. However, it is sometimes possible to repair composite resin dental bonding if it is chipped or broken.


WHAT ARE the benefits of dental bonding?

If you’re interested in dental bonding, you may be wondering what benefits this treatment has, compared to other cosmetic treatments like veneers or cosmetic crowns. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider dental bonding:

Non-invasive – Dental bonding is completely non-invasive and does not require drilling or the removal of any enamel from your teeth. This means it’s a great option for those who may be anxious about dental surgery.

Takes only a single appointment – In most cases, you can have multiple teeth bonded in just one appointment. so you may be able to restore your smile in just a few hours.

Inexpensive – Compared to alternative treatments like veneers and crowns, dental bonding is much more affordable, so it’s a good option if you would like to restore your smile, but are on a tight budget.

Long-lasting – With proper care, your newly-bonded teeth can easily last for up to a decade, ensuring your smile looks bright and beautiful for years to come.

For these reasons, many patients choose dental bonding in Chandler from Dr. Higgs at Aquila Dental to restore their smiles and their self-confidence.


UNDERSTANDING what imperfections can be treated with bonding

Dental bonding is extremely versatile, and it can be used to correct most cosmetic flaws with your smile. This includes issues like minor chips in the teeth, gaps in your smile, slightly crooked teeth, and misshapen or worn-down teeth.

However, dental bonding is merely cosmetic and cannot be used to treat serious oral issues like decayed or broken teeth. A restorative treatment, like a dental crown, is a better choice for damaged teeth.

In addition, bonding cannot be used to correct major orthodontic issues. If your teeth are very crooked, you may need to have braces or Invisalign before you can have your teeth bonded.


KNOWING what to expect from the dental bonding process

Because the process of dental bonding is non-invasive, it usually takes only about 30 minutes per tooth and does not require your mouth to be numbed.

To begin the procedure, Dr. Higgs will clean your mouth. Then, your tooth will be “etched” with a special acid solution. This is done to roughen up the surface of the enamel slightly and enable the dental resin to achieve a strong, secure hold on the surface of the tooth.

Once your tooth has been etched, Dr. Higgs will choose a dental resin that matches your teeth perfectly, and apply it directly to the tooth that is being treated. He will sculpt and shape it until it matches the overall shape of the surrounding teeth.

Next, he will use a special UV light to harden the resin onto your tooth. Once the resin has been hardened, he will begin trimming the tooth with a drill to refine its shape and ensure that it matches the rest of your teeth perfectly.

To complete the treatment, he will buff and polish the resin to make it match the rest of your teeth. The procedure can be repeated if you’re having multiple teeth bonded in a single appointment.





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