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Don't Let Anxiety Keep You From Getting the Oral Care You Need: We Offer Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is more common than you think. In fact, estimates show that up to 60% of the population either delay seeing a dentist or schedule an appointment but fail to show up. 

This behavior can have a significant impact on your quality of life, as skipping visits to the dentist’s office can lead to tooth loss, lower confidence levels, and eventually, higher dental bills due to untreated complications.

At Aquila Dental, we made it our mission not only to treat dental issues, but also to make the experience less intimidating and pain-free. We offer several types of sedation and want you to be aware of your options so you can be more comfortable with visiting the dentist. 

Common reasons why people choose sedation during dental treatments 

You may opt for sedation during your dental treatment if you fear needles, have a strong gag reflex, have a low pain threshold, or need multiple dental procedures at once.

Anxiety is another common reason people choose sedation. No matter the reason, we’re happy to make the process as smooth as possible, as long as you pass our health screening. 

Awake or asleep sedation: it’s your choice

At Aquila Dental, we offer three different types of sedation you can choose from: minimal inhaled sedation, pill-based sedatives, and IV sedation.

Minimal inhaled sedation, or laughing gas, makes you feel euphoric and calm. This option works best for adults and children who want to remain conscious during the procedure, and want the effects of sedation to wear off quickly.

Pill-based sedation is administered a few hours before the procedure and is usually recommended for patients who suffer from dental anxiety. This sedative relaxes the body and may make you fall asleep during the procedure.

Intravenous sedation, or IV sedation,  is used for patients who suffer from severe dental anxiety or for patients who have to undergo several dental treatments at the same time. If you opt for an intravenous sedative, you may remain conscious during the procedure but you may not remember much about it after you leave the dentist’s office.

During your appointment, our team discusses each type of sedation in detail, along with your preferences and your medical history.

What to expect during a dental appointment with sedation

Depending on your needs, you can choose between light sedatives, which impact the body only for a few minutes, or stronger sedatives, which can take up to 12 hours to wear off. If you opt for stronger sedatives, you may need an escort to drive you home.

If you’re unsure about what sedative is best for you, contact us to schedule an appointment. We can help you beat your dental anxiety and obtain the bright smile you deserve. 

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