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What Material Are Crowns Made From?

Crowns are caps used to protect and enhance the functionality of damaged teeth. Learn when they’re used and what they’re made from, and find out if you’re a good candidate for same-day crowns.

Feb 1st, 2021
Veneers in Chandler Arizona

Here at Aquila Dental, located in Chandler, Arizona we offer Veneers, to help create beautiful, confident, life-changing smiles. We offer traditional porcelain Veneers, as well as no-prep veneers, Lumineer's, and Emprethin's.

Jan 12th, 2021
Why Would I Need a Frenectomy?

Frenectomies are often a part of orthodontic treatments and are used to prevent speech problems in young children. Read on to find out what a frenectomy procedure looks like and whether you need one.

Jan 3rd, 2021
The Link Between Gum Disease and Your Overall Health

Gum disease is known as the main cause for bad breath and early tooth loss. But did you know it’s also an early indicator of many chronic diseases? Learn the link between gum disease and your overall health.

Dec 14th, 2020
What to Expect During Scaling and Root Planing

Do you want to avoid gum disease complications and ensure your teeth remain as healthy as possible for longer? Learn how you can eliminate plaque, even in hard-to-reach spots such as your gum line, for better oral health and a brighter smile.

Nov 1st, 2020
Do I Need a Night Guard?

Here at Aquila Dental, we are able to create a nightguard in order to protect your teeth, while you sleep at night. Are you a constant clencher or have veneers? Then a nightguard may be just the thing for you!

Oct 29th, 2020
Benefits of a Smile Virtual Consult

Sometimes getting into the dentist’s office is a real chore. Other times it is virtually impossible. Virtual consults are personalized, quick, and free. Read on to find out how you can get a virtual consult today.

Sep 15th, 2020
Overview of SureSmile

With their advanced technology, SureSmile clear aligners have revolutionized orthodontics. Find out why people are just as pleased with the process as they are with the results.

Aug 19th, 2020
Top Dentist Phoenix 2020

We are so honored to have Dr. Richard Higgs, be chosen as a top Cosmetic Dentist in Phoenix 2020! Aquila Dental has been open for 15 years, and Dr. Higgs has been practicing for over 27 years.

Aug 11th, 2020
Signs You May Need a Root Canal

Serious dental issues sometimes merit more invasive treatment. Want to avoid losing your tooth or dealing with complications from an untreated infection? Learn what symptoms may indicate that you need a root canal.

Aug 4th, 2020
Jaw Pain: Is It a TMJ Disorder

Do you experience pain each time you chew or yawn? What about a clicking noise when you move your jaw? Find out if your symptoms align with TMJ, a condition that affects the joint connecting the temporal bones to the jaw.

Jul 8th, 2020
Straight Teeth are Healthy Teeth: Invisalign Advantages

Did you know that having straight teeth may prevent gum disease, early tooth loss, and jaw pain? They look much better, too. Find out more about how misalignments impact your dental health and how clear aligners can help.

Apr 28th, 2020
Dental Sealants 101

Sealants are thin, plastic coatings painted on the chewing surfaces of the back teeth, to prevent tooth decay.

Jan 6th, 2020
Adjusting to Life With Dentures

Though used for centuries as the go-to solution for lost teeth, your dentures are new to you, so it’s common to go through a period of adjustment as you adapt to eating and speaking. These tips can help you transition to your new smile.

Dec 6th, 2019
How to Care for Your Teeth After a Dental Implant Procedure

One of the benefits of dental implants is that, for the most part, they can be cared for like your natural teeth. But there are a few differences, especially while your implants are healing. If you're getting implants, here's what you need to know.

Nov 26th, 2019

Here at Aquila Dental, we want to reassure you that we are doing everything we can to avoid reducing office hours as the COVID-19 coronavirus impacts our community.  We will remain open unless otherwise instructed by local public officials.

May 19th, 2020
Why Are My Gums Bleeding?

You’re brushing your teeth, and when you spit in the sink there is blood. Oh no, you look in the mirror and see your gums are red!

Oct 9th, 2019
Understanding Root Canals

You go to the dentist and they tell you, you need a root canal. You may then think to yourself, what even is a root canal? Well, look no further, this blog post will inform you about the ins and outs of root canals!

Sep 26th, 2019
Healthy Gums…Happy Dentist

Having healthy gums is important to your overall health. If your gums are healthy you have a lower chance of developing cardiovascular disease, chronic respiratory disease, and other chronic illnesses.

Sep 13th, 2019
Dental Crowns 101

Dental crowns or “caps” offer a solution for teeth that are too badly damaged to be corrected with tooth-colored fillings or veneers.

Sep 9th, 2019
Aquila Dental Cares Day

Together with Dr. Shah of AZ Oral, Aquila Dental is establishing Saturday, November 16th 2019 as Aquila Dental Cares Day! So for those in need, they can receive our most popular dental procedures at no cost.

Sep 5th, 2019
Emergency Dentist in Chandler

Tooth knocked out? Severe toothache? Gum swelling? If you answered yes, to any of those questions, then you may have a dental emergency on your hands and need to visit Dr. Higgs!

Aug 12th, 2019
Dental Value Plan

With our dental value plan membership, you no longer have to bear the full burden of significant and unexpected dental expenses again.

Aug 5th, 2019
Financial Options 101

We all know how expensive dental procedures are, but maintaining your teeth is crucial to living a healthy life.

Aug 1st, 2019
GIVEAWAY: Bright Smile!

To enter our giveaway here at Aquila Dental, head over to instagram @dr.richhiggs and follow the directions.

Jul 22nd, 2019
Whitening Treatments

Check out this video of Dr. Higgs explaining the different whitening treatments offered at Aquila Dental!

Jul 22nd, 2019
Make your Smile Sparkle

If you want a smile that sparkles all year round, Aquila Dental’s whitening for life program is for you!

Jul 1st, 2019
What Causes Bad Breath?

Do you or someone you know suffer from bad breath? Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be caused by numerous reasons listed by the American Dental Association (ADA):

Jun 20th, 2019
Introducing your new Aquila dentist in Chandler, AZ.

We’re excited to announce the addition of a new dentist to our Aquila Dental staff. Dr. Leedy has extensive experience caring for the people of Arizona and is a native of the state. Learn more about her here:

Apr 5th, 2018
Vote Aquila!

Let your fellow Chandler Residents know who you think is the best dentist in Chandler.

Aug 2nd, 2017
Invisalign Night

If you have wondered if Invisalign is right for you come out to our Invisalign Evening Event! ​We’ll have raffle prizes, gifts, food, champagne, and cupcakes!

Mar 27th, 2017