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Denture Problems and Solutions

Loose fitting dentures can make eating very difficult.  They can also be an embarrassment and an impediment to proper speech as loose-fitting dentures move and can even pop out of the mouth while talking.  Paste and powders often create a gooey mess which is needed to glue dentures in to provide a bit of stability. Over time denture wearers can lose up to 90% of their chewing efficiency.

Dental implant supported dentures and implant retained dentures can offer the best solution for many denture wearers.  In modern dentistry, implants are the absolute state-of-the-art   when it comes to replacing missing teeth.  These little titanium miracles can give many denture wearers their lives back.

Traditional dentures rely on muscle control, lip and tongue control, quantity and quality of saliva, and a very precise fit to work with any sense of normalcy.  It has been shown that a non-implant-supported upper denture is at best 25% as efficient as natural teeth and a non-implant-supported lower denture is closer to 10% as effective as natural teeth in chewing and speaking.  Implant supported dentures literally lock the denture into place and can provide nearly 100% chewing functional efficiency.

Implant supported dentures provide complete stability that results in harmony of the dentures with the jaws, muscles, lips, and tongue.  Instinctively we all know how to chew with our natural teeth.  With traditional dentures we have to relearn the chewing process, using jaw muscles to both hold the dentures into place and to chew at the same time.  Implant supported dentures eliminates this problem and allows the denture wearer to return to a natural chewing process.

Dr. Rich Higgs is an expert in providing implant supported dentures.  Implant retained denture options include a choice of two to three implants with a removable snap-on denture, and a more secure method of using  four to eight implants with the option of fixed bridgework.  Dr. Higgs explains to his patients the process necessary to give one a beautiful, comfortable, and functional smile.

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